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It’s Okay to Copy the Other Guy’s Drawing

From our earliest days in school we learned that copying other students' work could result in serious consequences, sometimes even a failing grade. But if you are a drawing artist, copying the other guy is a necessary virtue for improving your skills. Juliette Aristides, In her book Classical Drawing Atelier, writes about the value of … Continue Reading ››

Drawing With the Right Crowd

Your parents probably told you to hang out with friends who will influence you in positive ways. It is important to find the right crowd for sharing new experiences together as well as helping you grow as an individual. This advice holds especially true when looking for people to learn how to draw with. [caption id="attachment_10575" align="aligncenter" … Continue Reading ››

The Magic of Realistic Form

Creating the illusion of three-dimensional form on a flat piece of paper is one of the biggest challenges in observational drawing. If only we could wave a sorcerer's wand to instantly make our drawings look three-dimensional. Like magicians, we would be able to create dramatically modeled shadows, realistic contours, and brilliant highlights without effort. But … Continue Reading ››