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Block, Sketch, Draw: Core Skills For Drawing From Life
After 12 years of working with over 2,000 students, making thousands of drawings, Rob Court has devised a method of observational drawing called Block, Sketch, Draw.  The book will be available in 2024.
How-to-Draw Books

These hard-cover library books by Rob Court have 48 pages full of drawing fundamentals, techniques, and tips. Available on Amazon.

While exploring downtown Seattle recently, Rob discovered some of his How-to-Draw books in the amazing Seattle public library.

ActCover CarCover CartCover DinoCover FaceCover NatCover

ALA Booklist review for Rob Court’s How to Draw Cars & Trucks: Of course, it will be the cars, from dragsters and jeeps to classics such as the “Woody,” that attract kids to this book, but there’s a lot more than just drawing practice here.More…

Doodle Books


Children’s Bookwatch review for Doodle Books: “With an informative commentary and quite nicely illustrated by Rob Court, Doodle Books is a fourteen volume series of instructional books specifically designed and enthusiastically recommended for children ages 4 through 7 (preschool through first grade) to instruct them in the art of drawing simple pictures using basic shapes. Each of these instructional manuals for aspiring young artists takes them from a basic simple shape (such as a triangle, square or circle), to a final drawing in just four easy steps. Fun and easy, the individual titles are available separately. School and community libraries should acquire the entire ‘Doodle Books’ series of hardcover books with reinforced library bindings for their collections.” Available on Amazon

How to Draw All Sorts of Things

Rob Court’s popular library series, Doodle Books, is now available in a single soft-cover book! Published by the Scribbles Institute, How to Draw All Sorts of Things has 100 pages of easy step-by-step lessons and lots of space to draw on the pages. This book is for young artists of all ages, including parents and teachers. Grab your copy, hot off the press!

all.sorts.cover1 all.sorts.cover2

Order How to Draw All Sorts of Things      Available on Amazon

Young Artists Basics

This eight volume library series by Rob Court highlights the elements of art and how they’ve been used by artists throughout history. The reading level is 2nd grade and features Loopi the Fantastic Line. Available on Amazon:

lines shapes patterns form texture space light color

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