Social Media & Privacy Policy

Our Community

  1. Our core drawing community is comprised of an email list of students who currently engage in, or have previously engaged in our drawing sessions. Our overall email list reaches out to community members who have signed up for our eNewsletter or connected with us at workshops and events.
  2. We are proud of our involvement in the Santa Cruz community as well as the surrounding Central Coast region. Our local and global digital communities are devoted to sharing ideas and to helping people improve their lives through the practice of drawing.

Our Social Media Policy

  1. We no longer post photos or text to Facebook or Instagram (owned by Facebook). This decision was made in early 2019 due to what we see as irresponsible behavior by Facebook. This behavior includes a blatant disregard for the protection of its users’ private information and for allowing the spread of harmful disinformation on its news feed and through its advertising policies.
  2. We no longer promote social media on our website and in our emails. However, we have kept social media accounts for the Scribbles Institute temporarily open. Some archived images of past drawing sessions, events, and student work still remain posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—we have a lot of great memories! We maintain a flickering hope for bold actions by progressive government officials and various organizations that will demand social media platforms to radically change their policies. 
  3. Even though many of our students find us through Google searches, we have never purchased Google (or Facebook) advertising. We do our best to maintain a vigilant eye on all platforms/services used to facilitate and promote our services and products. We always look for ways to monitor the actions of these companies (or try to find alternative companies) with regards to negligent privacy and surveillance policies. (If you have suggestions please let us know.) The companies we currently use for building our community include Apple, MailChimp, WordPress, Square, and Meetup. For better or worse, it is nearly impossible to escape the influence of Google. People still connect to us via Google web searches and Gmail, and we are more than glad they have become members of our drawing community.

Our Privacy Policy

  1. We only collect information that you provide to us on our contact forms or eNewsletter subscription form. We do not share any information collected on those forms.
  2. Photos of the Scribbles Institute drawing sessions and student work are first shared exclusively in our weekly email sent to students and parents. Permission is asked before posting photos of drawing sessions (or workshops and events) to our website blog and eNewsletter.

Newsworthy developments and trends in social media and advertising platforms are brought to our attention on a constant basis. We always do our best to maintain the privacy and security of our students and our drawing community. And of course, while doing so, we will continue to have fun drawing!

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