About Us

Our Mission at the Scribbles Institute is to transform people’s lives through the practice of drawing.

The Scribbles Institute is working to revolutionize how-to-draw education by providing customized drawing instruction, ideas, and inspiration for anyone who wants to draw—anytime, anywhere.

And, as always, we continue to provide life-transforming, hands-on studio drawing lessons and workshops for Central California Coast adults and kids.

Our Goals

•Help students to realize their innate drawing abilities

•Develop each student’s drawing skills based on his or her ability level and particular interests

•Help students to transfer their drawing skills to work, school, personal projects

•Guide students in exploring careers that utilize traditional and digital drawing skills

•Keep students drawing on a regular basis

Our Coach

All my life, I’ve been fascinated with the ideas and images that spring from the point of my pencil. My lifestyle has always been based on a foundation of drawing skills—live to draw, draw to live! As your coach, I’m here to help you explore, experiment, and express yourself through drawing.Rob Court, Founder

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Drawing Improves Your World


Drawing is an essential part of a child’s learning process. Drawing skills are used to investigate both natural and constructed environments, record observations, solve problems, and express ideas. We passionately advocate the use of drawing in schools. Drawing skills are the foundation of visual art education and help students achieve success in all school subjects—strong art, strong schools! Read about our Draw-to-Learn program:

SketchTribe: Draw-to-Learn Program

In an increasingly visual world, adults are finding drawing to be a powerful tool for communicating ideas and solving problems in the workplace. Drawing is also the perfect way to relax and be involved in a gratifying activity away from the job.


Our programs are designed to reconnect students with their thrill of childhood drawing and build confidence in sketching from observation and imagination.

Drawing the Future
More than ever, the world needs innovative ideas. Drawing is integral to the process of generating and conveying bold, useful ideas. At the core of the Scribbles Institute is the desire to stimulate the imaginations of our students and show them ways to apply their drawing skills in everyday life. We take each student’s education seriously. We also understand and share the joy drawing brings to intrepid, creative minds.

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