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“Rob’s Draw-to-Learn program is a perfect fit for our alternative education program. He is a gifted teacher and has the rare ability to connect with students and get them to explore their potential through drawing. The proof is in the amazing work that is produced.” –Sandy Mast, Former Director of Alternative Education, Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Our innovative, standards-based Draw-to-Learn program is designed for alternative education sites, public and private schools, charter schools, and home schools. The lessons are fast-paced and fun. Students learn to draw from observation, imagination, and memory while they earn credit for visual art.

“Thanks so much for all you do with our students!   You’re the best!  I look forward to a long standing relationship together serving the students of Monterey County Alternative Programs.” –Gary Vincent, Former Director of Alternative Education, Monterey County Office of Education

Drawing coach, Rob Court, engages each student at their own ability level; then challenges them to take their skills to the next level. Rob shares his experiences as a professional graphic designer and illustrator and encourages students to explore drawing opportunities in art, science, design, technology, and entertainment.

8-Week Draw-to-Learn Course Based on the Elements of Art:

  • Lines and shapes: pencil grip, guidelines, outlines, different kinds of lines, combining shapes, overlapping
  • Patterns and textures: repetition, rhythm, surfaces
  • Space: positive/negative space, edges, foreground/background, scale, composition
  • Form: contour lines, light/shadow, perspective

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All you need to provide is the classroom, #2 SOFT pencils, and lots of 8.5 x 11″ white copier paper. Rob will do the rest!

Full semester courses are also available. To find out how to get started…

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