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Rob is a patient and fun drawing teacher. He’s put together a creative but peaceful studio environment (the new one at the Old Sash Mill is especially nice!) and has developed an excellent curriculum.

I wanted to draw better for a long time. When it became necessary to sell visual ideas at work, I decided to do something about it. After taking Rob’s classes, I had both regained my appreciation for the art and got a design proposal approved at work.

Rob strikes a good balance between discliplined learning and an openness to individual learning objectives. If you have any inclination to draw, I highly recommend him.

Adam S., Santa Cruz, CA


Rob’s Draw to Learn program is a perfect fit for our alternative education program. He is a gifted teacher and has the rare ability to connect with students and get them to explore their potential through drawing. The proof is in the amazing work that is produced.

Sandy Mast, Director of Alternative Education, Santa Cruz County Office of Education


My daughter has always been interested in drawing.  However, she was limited to a few self-taught techniques and a #2 pencil.  After having taken several art workshops at the Scribbles Institute, her abilities now include using charcoal pencils, shading, and drawing proportionally from objects at different angles.

In addition to learning new avenues to express creativity, the Scribbles Institute has an pleasant atmosphere where my teenage daughter can enjoy the company of other young artists who have similar interests.  Rob Court is a positive and upbeat mentor for inspiring artists.  He has encouraged my daughter to pursue her talents and experiment with new ideas.  Both my daughter and I are delighted with the Scribbles Institute and look forward to more workshops.

Susan M., Watsonville, CA


Rob is an excellent, patient and innovative art teacher!  He has been a guest teacher in our school for the past two years.  I have never seen my students more engrossed in what they’re doing.  He has the ability to take “non-drawers” and bring them through a series of exercises that allow them to find their artistic confidence in no time;  at the same time he has no trouble keeping very artistic students challenged.  His peaceful demeanor helps create a safe and quiet work space that is so much needed in today’s society.  His studio in the Sash Mill has the same feeling to it.  Students are now going down there to draw on the weekends!

Holly N., teacher, Natural Bridges High School, Santa Cruz, CA


My drawing course with Rob Court was a positive experience in every way. His impressive talents, coupled with his non-stop enthusiasm, make him an exceptionally effective teacher. This is reflected in all of his interactions with his students, creating a warm, accepting learning environment.

Tod C., Mount Herman, CA


Thanks so much for all you do with our students!   You’re the best!  I look forward to a long standing relationship together serving the students of Monterey County Alternative Programs.

Gary Vincent, Director of Alternative Education, Monterey County Office of Education


Rob is the best drawing teacher I’ve ever had!  My husband and I have taken 4 classes with him, and would take more if we hadn’t just had a baby.  When she gets older we will be back for sure.  🙂

The classes are fun, you learn a lot.  And Rob is a super patient guy who is always encouraging. I have never been much of a drawer due to the fact that I assumed I couldn’t do it.  As I got older I realized I liked art very much  and started painting. But still, I really wanted to learn how to draw better, and maybe help my painting skills too.  Taking his classes made me feel like I could.

He pushes you to find your potential, but never too fast ,and always in a positive way.  My last project there, I really surprised myself by making an abstract drawing in charcoal and pencil.  Never would I have thought it possible to create what I ended up creating, but Rob was right there the whole way encouraging me to branch out and keep exploring, and trying new techniques.  That was a major A -ha moment for me and I really hope to be able to do that again, just as soon our little one is old enough.   I really couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. If you want to learn to draw Rob is the teacher for you!

Michele F., Boulder Creek, CA


Rob is an excellent, caring, and patient teacher.  He has a thoughtful  lesson plan and moves at the right pace for me.  He encourages me to go farther than I think I can but always to the exact level I really can.  The studio is very conducive to the process.  I highly recommend Rob and The Scribbles Institute to all.

Karla C., Pleasanton, CA


After wishing for quite a while that I could develop my drawing skills, I was delighted to find the Scribbles Institute. The classes are focused and productive without being intimidating.  Rob, the instructor, is not only a skilled artist, but also an excellent teacher – very encouraging and supportive.  He covers the key topics necessary to improve one’s drawing, while adapting to individual student needs and goals. The studio is a comfortable environment – something about the atmosphere contributes to the whole process.  Great place to learn!

Jon B., Watsonville, C

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