SI Currents: Street Fair; Student Highlights; Girl On Fire

It’s summer in Santa Cruz and drawing classes at the Scribbles Institute are heating up. Adult and youth students continue to make great strides in drawing from observation and imagination. The drawings of one adult student, in particular, blazed consistently. And to keep the heat on we’re getting a booth in the Church Street Fair during the Cabrillo Music Festival in August. Scroll down for the latest SI Currents:

Girl On Fire

It’s been wonderful watching Gina’s work progress the past couple of months. Her level of concentration while making observational drawings (shown in above photos) amaze students in our evening Expression Session adult drawing classes. Gina has helped out as a studio assistant for our Draw to Learn program and First Friday Art Tour sketch parties. She just graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology and enjoys playing the piano. This summer Gina is going to Cambodia to help school children in a remote village. She’ll be taking the Scribbles Institute lessons along with her. Kids in Cambodia will be drawing our favorite little crab and puffer fish!

In-Tents! Visit Us at the Cabrillo Festival’s Church Street Fair, August 4 & 5!


We’re very excited to be participating in the Cabrillo Festival’s Church Street Fair, August 4th and 5th in Santa Cruz. We’re having fun designing the booth (shown in above right photo). Please stop by to visit us at the Scribbles Institute booth and enjoy a weekend of music, culture, art, and lots of drawing. Hope to see you there! Event info

Adult Expression Session Highlights

Above left: Students (left to right) Shannon, Ratko, Richard, and Orsolya wrap up a fun evening of drawing. Above right: Expression Session students (left to right) Pamela and Kae work on blocking in and contour modeling in charcoal.


Above left: Ratko studies concept sketching techniques for his job. Above right: Bev practices gestural sketches of flowers.

Shannon, shown above, gets our ‘drawing machine’ of the month award for her focused work. She participated in our Level 1 Basics workshop and completed four, Level 2 sessions–all in three weeks! Her block-in studies of the hand/sphere show that she learned solid skills in observational drawing.

Youth Sketcher Highlights

Cody, shown above, is our newest SI youth sketcher. He is from Arizona and is visiting his grandparents while taking in our Concept Sketching summer session. Along with time spent doing cool drawings, shown above, he took a trip into to the City to tour the San Francisco Art Institute.

Our SI youth sketching crew: (left to right) Hannah, Helen, Megan, Ray, and Rena. And some of their character concept sketches.

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Rob Court

Founder and drawing coach at the Scribbles Institute, Rob helps adults and kids learn basic drawing skills for work, school, and enjoyment. He is the author of a number of how-to-draw books.