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Respecting Children’s Drawings

Children have tremendous respect for drawing. They are in awe of anyone who draws a picture for them. For example, they’ll pay close attention when cartoons are sketched on a place mat at a restaurant. Children are equally impressed with simple drawings as they are with renderings of an accomplished artist. But do children get the same respect paid for drawings they make? Continue reading Respecting Children’s Drawings

I Can’t Draw!

I’m starting to hear that voice again.

Still only a faint whisper, but growing steadily louder, is the annual mantra that echos in every teacher’s mind, “Prepare yourself for back-to-school madness.”

Planning drawing lessons for six high schools is quite challenging, especially while mother nature tempts me with perfect summer mountain biking weather outside the studio door. Also challenging is the mental preparation for that inevitable group of students who will lay down the gauntlet, at the very first moment of class, proclaiming outright, “I! Can’t! Draw!” Continue reading I Can’t Draw!

SI Currents: Drawing in Vietnam; Scribbles Institute and MAH; Save the Frogs!

SI Drawing Lessons in Vietnam


Rob Court, drawing coach, has a friend who recently moved to the city of Da Nang in Vietnam, to teach math. Rob’s friend, Harry King, suddenly found himself teaching an art class to 7th and 8th graders at the Singapore International School. The new responsibility prompted Harry to email us, asking for basic drawing lessons he can use for the class. Turns out to be great timing. Continue reading SI Currents: Drawing in Vietnam; Scribbles Institute and MAH; Save the Frogs!