Comparing Apples to Dolphin Skulls: Day in the Still Life of Drawing Lab Students

Variety is the spice of still life drawing. Whether drawing apples, oranges, or skulls, students in the Scribbles Institute Drawing Lab were very engaged this winter. Our in-depth sessions allowed students time to study composition, form, and techniques from a wide variety of objects. The apple shown above is by Jennifer, one of our Level 3 Drawing Lab participants. Using only primary colors (red, yellow, blue) she layered and blended Prismacolor pencils to achieve vibrant colors.

still-life-DSCN0365 still-life-DSCN0428

Above left, Jennifer uses graphite to study the form and textures of a dolphin skull. To the right, she uses Prismacolor pencils to draw an apple.

still-life-DSCN0427 still-life-DSCN0231

Still life composition is an important aspect of our studio sessions. Above left, Tuesday blends tonal values with vine charcoal. To the right, Cheryl, one of our youth sketchers, learns about contours and form while drawing squash and a shell.

still-life-DSCN0194 still-life-DSCN0382

We enjoy mixing up our still life compositions with a variety of objects in the studio. Richard, Judith, and Karla enjoy the challenges of drawing a ukelele, flowers, and a classical arrangement of a plaster bust with vase.

still-life-DSCN0222 still-life-DSCN0203

In the photo, above left, Anna goes for capturing a likeness of the white mug (always more challenging than it looks) and ripped cardboard. To the right, Gina locks in on an accurate take of a more traditional still life composition.

still-life-DSCN0042 still-life-DSCN0038

During our ‘Bring Your Own Object’ sessions students bring all sorts of interesting things to draw such as Kermit the Frog and perfume bottles, shown above.

still-life-DSCN0264 still-life-DSCN0431

Whether our students are drawing in charcoal or on an iPad, they learn solid strategies for depicting accurate realism as well as spontaneous abstract expressions of real life objects. And when it comes to enjoying time during our lively Drawing Lab sessions, life is anything but still for participants. Want to join us? Click here

still-life-DSCN0512 still-life-DSCN0517

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Rob Court

Founder and drawing coach at the Scribbles Institute, Rob helps adults and kids learn basic drawing skills for work, school, and enjoyment. He is the author of a number of how-to-draw books.