Online Student Drawing Show, 2011-12

Welcome to the Scribbles Institute Online Student Show, featuring work from our Adult and Youth studio sketchers as well as our Draw to Learn schools in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. All of our students start with basic lessons on measuring proportions, positive/negative space, and contours before moving to more advanced projects. The pastel drawing of the peacock, shown above is by Grace B. from Natural Bridges High School. In the following images you’ll see Levels 1, 2, and 3 students at different stages of development. Enjoy the fantastic work by our 2011-12 students!

Student Drawing Show highlights, shown above : Top row, left to right: Gina (SI Adult); Liz (SI Adult); Helen (SI Youth); Bottom row, left to right: Judith (SI Adult); Gerardo (Draw to Learn); Allison (SI Adult)

And now for our student work! (Click on images to view larger details.)…

SI Adult Studio Sketchers

Adam   Allison    Andrea

Bev   Casey    Chris    Dan 

Darcey    Deb    Helena 

Gina    Helen   Jack 

Jeff    Jennifer   Jon

Judith    Karla    Kate 

Kirsten    Ken    Linda 

Liz    Marilyn    Matt   Michele

Paul    Penelope    Ratko 

Richard    Sue

SI Youth Studio Sketchers


Elliot    Gabe    Hannah 

Helen     Megan 

Moshe    Ray     Rena

Santa Cruz County Draw to Learn Program

The Scribbles Institute is a proud partner with the alternative education program for Santa Cruz County Office of Education.

Natural Bridges High School


Abel   Bobby   Briana   Celestino   Damien

Daryna  Elijah   Emilio   Erik  Francisco

Frank   Gage   Gianna   Grace   Ivonne

Jade   Kai D.   Kai M.   Katia   Keyah

Noah   PJ   Quinn   Sarah   Shalla

Willow   Tashi   Taylor   Thairie   Trino

Star Community School


Abby   Alejandra   Alex   Amber   Audrey P.

Audrey R.   Brianna   Cristian   Crystal E.   Crystal F.

Devin   Eva   Gabby    Jose    Lizeth


Louden Nelson Community School

Arastas’ Sketchbook

Amanda   Anthony   Ashley   Azalia   Corey

Cristian   Daniel   Danny   Forrest   Jorge

Jose   Maria   Mayra   Melissa   Michael

Nicole   Oscar   Rafa   Rielly   Stormie


Santa Cruz Community Middle School


Aidan   Angnel   Anthony   Arturo   Eduardo

Enrique   Jacob A.   James   Jaycob   Jose

Josh   Leonell   Logan   Lucas   Nathan

Sammy   Silas   Tyler   Wesley

Watsonville Community School

Alex   Candy   Cindy   Dalila   Issac

Kayla   Mario   Melissa   Moises   Nadine

Perla   Samantha   Steph   Victoria   Wyatt

Yvonne   Zeke

Monterey County Draw to Learn Program

The Scribbles Institute is a proud partner with the alternative education program for Monterey County Office of Education.

Rancho Cielo Youth Campus

Andres   Anthony   Antonio H.   Arisdelsy   Bryan

Christian M.    Felicia   Isaiah   Janell   Jazmin

Joey   Jorge   Jose   Julian   Kaela

Karina   Osvaldo   Samantha   Vianca   Vicente



Salinas Community School

Adam  Angel   Anthony    Brandon   Chente

Danny   David   Emanuel   Eri   Frank

Gerardo A.   Gerardo S.    Gisselle    H.   Jesus

Jimmy   Jose   Julia   Julian   Marcella

Monserrate   Nicolas   Ricky I.   Selena   Tassa

Monterey County Youth Center


Abram   Adrian   Alberto   Arcadio   Ben

Cayetano   Christian Ca.   Christian Co.   Domenico

Gilbert   Jairo   Jerry   Jiobany   Joel

Jose A.   Jose C.   Jose F.   Josh   Juan C.

Juan G.  Juan S.   Juan T.   Juan V.   Lawrence

Marco   Mike B.   Mike H.   Mike L.   Mike T.

Noel   Orlando   Oscar   Ramon   Ray B.

Raymond   Rigo   Roberto   Rohsaan   Sergio

T.J.   Valentin

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Rob Court

Founder and drawing coach at the Scribbles Institute, Rob helps adults and kids learn basic drawing skills for work, school, and enjoyment. He is the author of a number of how-to-draw books.