In the Studio & In the Streets: Summer Highlights 2016

During the past several months, as always, our studio enjoyed opening the doors to a diverse mix of students from Santa Cruz as well as international visitors, all with diverse skill levels and interests in drawing. Our Drawing Lab sessions were festive yet focused on improving skills.


Conversational topics often drifted from how to draw a ’56 Chevy, to what kind of sketchbook to have for world travel.


While we drew, it was delightful to hear the language accents of people from Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Russia, and Spain mixed with the welcoming vibe of local Santa Cruzians.


Another wonderful drawing summer under our belts as the Scribbles Institute celebrates the 5th anniversary of being in our Old Sash Mill studio location.


Whether it’s on an iPad or in a sketchbook, our intrepid SketchTribe participants enjoy venturing forth in the streets, on the trails, and in alley ways to improve their skills.


We’d love to have you join us as we seek out fascinating places to draw. Our Drawing Lab studio sessions and SketchTribe Meetups workshops are the fun way to practice drawing from life.

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Rob Court

Founder and drawing coach at the Scribbles Institute, Rob helps adults and kids learn basic drawing skills for work, school, and enjoyment. He is the author of a number of how-to-draw books.