Youth Design Team

Drawing is Your Kid’s Superpower!

Does your teenager love to fill sketchbook pages with drawings and fantastic ideas? Are they serious about improving their drawing skills and exploring ways to apply their skills in everyday life, possibly even a career? Our Youth Design Team (YDT) is just for them.

YDT members benefit from Rob Court’s expertise as an illustrator, designer, and drawing coach. After students satisfy our Level 3 Drawing Lab observational drawing skill requirements (8 weeks), they are eligible to join YDT.

YDT members are encouraged to work independently as well as collaborate with other students in a project-based workshop environment as they learn to use their sketchbook for organizing ideas and problem-solving.

While experimenting with various traditional media (pencils, pens, watercolors, pastels), YDT students follow their own interests such as illustration, concept art, story boarding, character design, narrative development, graphic design, and animation. Project emphasis is placed on building sketchbook skills and ideation methods—creating ideas from rough sketches to finished concept drawings.

Participants who have an iPad and wish to draw their ideas in digital apps are welcome to do so. Advanced participants can also focus on portfolio development.

YDT members are creative, curious, inventive, and self-motivated. We have fun in our high-energy sessions, but also require a level of maturity for focusing on productive outcomes.

Sessions are ongoing and include all materials except iPad. (We have an iPad available if student wishes to explore drawing apps.) Sketchbooks are required. Prerequisite: Level 3 Drawing Lab at the Scribbles Institute or equivalent. Group size: Limited to 6 youth participants. Ages: 13-17 years.


Drawing For Work, School, Enjoyment