Urban Sketchbook Workshop: Abbott Square, Downtown Santa Cruz

June 25 Urban Sketchbook Workshop: Abbott Square, Downtown Santa Cruz

Sketch the rhythm of downtown as you capture the sights and sounds of Santa Cruz. Enjoy sketching people and buildings. We’ll enjoy learning how to put the hustle and bustle of the 3D world on the 2D page

We’ll meet at Abbott Square, next to the Museum of Art & History (MAH), then decide if we want to draw buildings and people there, or walk to another nearby location.

What You’ll Learn: Observational skills, selecting your subject and placing it on the page; composition; gesture sketches of people; basic principles in 1 and 2-point perspective. Where: Abbott Square, Downtown Santa Cruz. When: Saturday, June 25, 11:00am-1:00pm Cost: $50 Materials needed: Sketchbook and 2B-9B drawing pencils (various ink pens are cool to try too!). Workshop is limited to 8 participants. Deadline for sign up is June 23. Health Safety: 🙂 Covid Vaccination please. 😷 Masks optional. Note: Premium Membership students can use 1 session to participate in this workshop. 

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