Drawing Lesson: Triceratops


Length: 30 feet (9 meters) Weight: Up to 6 tons (5.5 metric tons) Plant eater

Drawing a Three-Quarter View of Triceratops: With practice, you can change flat shapes into three-dimensional or “3-D” forms. Imagine this dinosaur slowly turning its body so that its giant horns almost point toward you.

1. Block: Start sketching a large oval for its body. Two smaller ovals set the position for its hind and front legs. Now draw the shape for its massive head. Remember to draw lightly so you can erase if you want to.

2. Block the shapes for the bulky legs. Lightly sketch the shape of its head, horns, and tail. You’re beginning to see the 3-D form of this prehistoric giant! Add an oval for the eye.

3. Sketch: Continue sketching lines until you begin to see the contours, or curves of its body, legs, and tail. This is called tightening the lines of your drawing. Imagine how the tough, leathery skin covers different muscles.

4. Draw: You’ve sketched the rough outlines that form Triceratops. Now draw its darker, final outlines. Draw curved lines that show the 3-D contours of its body, not just flat shapes.

What do you think the front view of Triceratops would look like?

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