Drawing Lesson: Dragonfly

You can draw many things in nature with shapes and lines. A dragonfly is an insect with a long, narrow body and transparent wings. Insects’ bodies are divided into three sections: the head, thorax, and abdomen.
NatDrag011. Block: Start by lightly blocking in ovals for the head and thorax. A long, narrow rectangle forms the abdomen, or the tail area. Draw three small ovals for its eyes and head.
NatDrag022. The center part, or thorax, has three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings. Notice how lines are used for its feet. Lightly block three ovals at the front of the thorax.
NatDrag033. Next, lightly block the shapes for its four wings. They are transparent, so you can see where they overlap. You can also see the hind leg through the wing.

NatDrag044. Sketch: Do you like the shapes you’ve drawn? Remember, you can erase if you need to make changes. Continue by carefully sketching the outline of the dragonfly’s body, legs, and wings. Notice how the abdomen is divided into segments.
NatDrag055. Draw: With a darker pencil, draw the outlines to finish the dragonfly’s body. Include details such as its face, triangular shapes on its back, and the outlines of its legs. Lightly draw the edges and patterns of the wings.

Drawing Tip: Thin Lines
Use a thicker, bold outline for the body of the dragonfly. Use a thin line to show the edges and patterns of the transparent wings. Notice the difference between the thicker and thinner lines.

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