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Take Your Drawing Coach With You!

Wherever you go, learn basic drawing skills and make drawing your favorite habit. Connect with Rob Court and get help drawing in your sketchbook at home, during lunchtime at work, or while traveling.

Do you have a specific problem to solve with a drawing you’re working on? Your coach is always ready to help. Email, texting, and FaceTime sessions available.

Shown above are the coach’s comments during a mobile coaching session with adult sketcher Gregorie from Switzerland. He was working in his sketchbook while solving problems with perspective and shading. Gregorie took Drawing Lab sessions at Rob’s studio during a vacation in Santa Cruz, and continued his connection with Rob after returning to Europe to practice in his sketchbook.

How Mobile Drawing Coach Works:

  1. Set up what you’re going to draw.
  2. Create your wonderful drawing.
  3. Take a photo of your subject.
  4. Take a photo of your drawing.
  5. Email both photos to your coach.
  6. Receive comments from your coach.
  7. Follow up email with your coach
  8. Get started on your next drawing!

The key to confident drawing is learning to sketch realistically and accurately from life. Rob is waiting to help you overcome the challenges of drawing things accurately, wherever and whatever you’re drawing. For more info please connect with him now…

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Mobile Coach Student Gallery

Shown above is work by youth sketcher Kaitlyn from California, USA during mobile coaching session that focused on form and contour lines.

Check out the gallery of student sessions with the Mobile Drawing Coach.

Mobile Coach Student Gallery

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