Draw With Your Kids

Parents & kids share the experience of learning observational drawing skills

On-going, Thursday Evenings: The family that draws together, has fun together! Our Draw With Your Kids program (7-12 years old, and parent) teaches a meaningful approach to exploring and applying your child’s innate desire to draw. Parents and kids learn fundamental skills such as gripping the pencil, drawing with lines and shapes, observational drawing, and sketching 3D objects.

Learning to draw from life is… well… what does this smile tell you?

Cost: $350 (one parent, one child) gets you 4, 2-hour sessions of weekly Draw With Your Kids (materials included). You have a maximum of 2 months (8 weeks) to complete your sessions. Register and pay online. Or pay by check or credit card at first session (contact us to reserve a seat and the date you’re coming).

Thursday evening Draw With Your Kids sessions: Levels 1,2,3: 6-8pm. Sessions are ongoing so you can start on any Thursday. Draw With Your Kids class size is limited to 4 parents, 1 child each. Open to all beginners. Minimum age of children is 7 years old. Refreshments are served.

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