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The Scribbles Institute is where adults and kids learn basic drawing skills for work, school, and pure enjoyment. Classes and workshops are always forming—online, in the streets, and in our friendly Santa Cruz studio.

Start by Mastering the Basics Learning to draw with confidence means learning to see and draw accurately from life.

Drawing Lab

Drawing Coach Rob Court helps absolute beginners and experienced artists learn basic drawing skills. Work with Rob in the studio or take him with you as a Mobile Drawing Coach.

Drawing Coach

Live to Draw. Draw to Live. Join SketchTribe! Enjoy improving your observational drawing skills. Learn to use your sketchbook for developing ideas, organizing your thoughts, and increasing productivity. And we’ve got free Meetups that are really cool.


Quite simply the best place to learn how to draw in Santa Cruz or South Bay. Rob is an excellent, knowledgeable teacher who knows how to connect with his students to nudge them in exactly the right direction at the right time. He creates an inspiring, supportive, artful environment that encourages the advancement of every participant’s creative goals, and also a camaraderie among the students that even further heightens everyone’s positive experience.Tina R, Santa Cruz
If you are looking for a caring, talented, knowledgeable, intelligent drawing coach, Rob is your guy. He is always completely engaged in the class and is able to move effortlessly from student to student. He will guide you line by line if that is what you need. I have studied with many teachers and Rob is by far the best and has taken me further than anyone.Bev O, Santa Cruz
My daughter and I have been going to the Scribbles Institute since the winter of 2016. At the time, my 10 year old daughter had been doing lots of art, but I could not find a class that would enroll a child her age and still challenge her at the level she was at. Rob is excellent at reading what each student needs and he helps guide them, pushing them when that is necessary or backing off to let them explore when that is best. He does not teach us “how” to draw, instead he teaches us how to see the world around us and then he gives us the tools to interpret these things. I had no intention of drawing when I dropped off my daughter for that first class; I had not done any art since I was a child and I did not think I could drawl. Rob has created an amazing environment where students of all ages and abilities come together for the evening and have a safe space to explore. What I love best is that even when several students are drawing the same object, the finished projects are always absolutely unique. Rob is a gifted artist, but more importantly he is a master at supporting others through his/her process knowing when to remove the scaffolding and when to support them.Zak B, Santa Cruz

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