Discover the Power of Drawing!

si-logo-footerThe Scribbles Institute is where adults and kids learn basic drawing skills for work, school, and enjoyment. Classes and workshops are always forming at the Scribbles Institute—online and in our friendly Santa Cruz studio.

GETTING STARTED: We match your ability level and interests in drawing to our innovative coaching services:


DRAWING LAB: Absolute beginners & advanced sketchers work with Rob Court, drawing coach. Learn to draw confidently for creativity & productivity.

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STICKPPL: For curious doodlers, & creative pros! Have fun learning how to sketch dynamic ideas on an iPad with our innovative, online coaching service.

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sketchtribe-logoSKETCHTRIBE: Urban & field sketchbook workshops. Ideation sketchbook workshops for creativity, productivity, & design. Live to draw, draw to live!

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Drawing For Work, School, Enjoyment