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SI Youth Sketchers Build Character

After spending time building observational drawing skills in previous sessions, everyone was up for a fun summer session of character design sketching. While working from their sketchbooks and online references, the SI studio crew went right to work–if one can call it work. Afterall, drawing characters from their imagination is what these kids love to do. Rena (above photo) busts out a sketch of a very famous, villainous comic character. Below are highlights from the classes. Continue reading SI Youth Sketchers Build Character

SI Currents: Street Fair; Student Highlights; Girl On Fire

It’s summer in Santa Cruz and drawing classes at the Scribbles Institute are heating up. Adult and youth students continue to make great strides in drawing from observation and imagination. The drawings of one adult student, in particular, blazed consistently. And to keep the heat on we’re getting a booth in the Church Street Fair during the Cabrillo Music Festival in August. Scroll down for the latest SI Currents: Continue reading SI Currents: Street Fair; Student Highlights; Girl On Fire

Online Student Drawing Show, 2011-12

Welcome to the Scribbles Institute Online Student Show, featuring work from our Adult and Youth studio sketchers as well as our Draw to Learn schools in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. All of our students start with basic lessons on measuring proportions, positive/negative space, and contours before moving to more advanced projects. The pastel drawing of the peacock, shown above is by Grace B. from Natural Bridges High School. In the following images you’ll see Levels 1, 2, and 3 students at different stages of development. Enjoy the fantastic work by our 2011-12 students! Continue reading Online Student Drawing Show, 2011-12