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Realism or Abstract? You Decide

As we welcome new Level 1 students to Drawing Lab sessions, our courageous Level 3 sketchers continue to lead the way, forging ahead to explore the possibilities of realistic and abstract drawing. In the above drawing of a sand dune, youth student Jesse ventures out of his comfort zone to learn blending techniques of colorful Tombow … Continue Reading ››

It’s Okay to Copy the Other Guy’s Drawing

From our earliest days in school we learned that copying other students' work could result in serious consequences, sometimes even a failing grade. But if you are a drawing artist, copying the other guy is a necessary virtue for improving your skills. Juliette Aristides, In her book Classical Drawing Atelier, writes about the value of … Continue Reading ››

Are You Chicken?

"Yes," answered the rooster, a stoic creature of few words, precariously balanced on the studio pedestal. But Thursday's Drawing Lab students had a different answer. "No way, we are not chicken to draw!" was fearlessly expressed through students' drawings of the form, contour edges, and textures of our feathery friend. Check out the video...