Monterey Youth Center Explores Form, Proportion, and Color

As we head into the holiday break, the Monterey Youth Center Sketchers continued to improve their skills in drawing from observation and imagination. Students drew from plaster casts of eyes, 3D objects such as pumpkins and artwork by big-time artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh. We also explored using color and techniques such as cross-hatching lines and stipple (using dots to create tone). Shown above are drawings of eyes by Sergio. He used an easel as he used charcoal to draw from a large plaster cast of an eye as well as the ink stipple technique as he drew from a reference picture.

Scroll down to see the outstanding work done by our sketchers. Click on images to view larger for details.

Working from a measuring grid, students learned to enlarge a face while maintaining accurate proportions. Drawings shown clockwise starting above left: Adrian; Rohsaan; Michael B.; Gerardo S.


Shown above are large-format compositions by Cristian. While using an easel he explored charcoal, graphite, and pastels as he drew from photos and cubist artwork by Pablo Picasso.


Ink stipple technique and pencil studies of eyes. Drawings shown clockwise starting upper left: Rohsaan; Castro; Jorge; T.J.


Students learned to layer red, yellow, and blue Prismacolor pencils to create a realistic apple. Above left is an drawing by Gerardo S. and to the right is Sergio’s drawing.

Youth Center sketchers also experimented with pencil techniques to create tones and textures. Above left is Castro’s cross-hatched line drawing of a fox. To the right is Sergio’s drawing after a landscape sketch by Vincent Van Gogh.

As students continued exploring realistic form, proportions, and tonal values they used a measuring grid to draw a dog. Drawings shown clockwise starting upper left: Michael B.; Salas; Josh; Rohsaan

For the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays our sketchers drew from real-life pumpkins. They learned to do study sketches of contours and tonal values before finishing a large-format charcoal drawing. Above left are pencil and charcoal drawings by Roberto and to the right is a charcoal drawing by T.J.

And now… for the cool drawings by Youth Center sketchers:

















Michael L.




Juan G.



















Michael B.


Jose A.




Martin V.







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