Sketch Party a Big Hit For Drawers of All Ages and Ability Levels!

The Scribbles Institute Sketch Party was the hot spot for drawing during the Santa Cruz First Friday Art Tour, April 6th. A steady flow of people throughout the evening kept our various drawing stations occupied and the studio buzzing with energized creativity. Rob helped visitors with basic skills such as holding the pencil and measuring shapes. As the night progressed, he demonstrated advanced skills such as blocking in dominant shapes and sketching contours, shown in the above photo. It was wonderful to see so many new faces as well as regular SI students. Some of our monthly Meetup members even drove from San Jose to partake in the fun.


The festive atmosphere allowed for sketchers to get acquainted with each other and discover cool things to draw. Some participants hung in for several focused hours of drawing as they learned new techniques and created a number of finished works.

Special thanks to Mike and Judith for keeping the chips and dip bowls filled and capturing a slice of the evening’s action on camera and video.


A wide variety drawing materials and lessons were available for first-timers and accomplished artists as they created study sketches and finished compositions.

Some of our SI studio youth sketchers showed up to bust out some super-size charcoal drawings. Shown in the picture above left is Megan (with white hat) chatting while working on a composition. To the right is Helen and her Sketch Party dragon drawing.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped to make our first Sketch Party a big success!

More Sketch Party action:



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