SI Youth Sketchers Go Big!

Our SI youth sketching crew took their charcoal skills to huge scale with powerful results. In typical fashion, this stellar pack of teenage drawing machines continued learning solid fundamentals as they forge their own creative direction. Our feature photo, shown above, shows a spontaneous, mega-large format charcoal drawing by Rena. Total drawing time: about an hour.

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Above left, as the music blasts, our youth sketchers are deep in the zone as they go big with charcoal. On the studio floor are drawings from the previous week’s observations of flowers. For this session they had to use the flowers as a point of departure; then launch into a large scale spontaneous composition from their imagination. The photo to the right shows Rena as she begins adding tones to her line sketch.

Super-size drawing session. Left to right: Hannah, Helen, and Rena

The above photos show Megan learning to use a brush for creating tonal values. She decided to take one of her character drawings to the larger format with huge success.

Students spent a session learning about folds and drapery. Shown clockwise, starting upper left: Hannah and Helen block in large shapes; then add contours and shadows; photo of finished drapery study by Helen; pencil sketches of folds and movement for clothing by Hannah; the crew hard at work (fun) studying folds for their own characters.


We also had a super fun abstract session. Sketchers were given words for human traits or emotions that they had to depict using only lines, shapes, patterns, tones, and color. The photo to the right shows Helen’s finished drawing.

And now for some of the work by our youth sketchers during lessons…







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