September Expression Session Huge Success!

Students loved the first month of the Expression Session drawing program at the Scribbles Institute. Energized, fun evenings of drawing took place for combined classes of Levels 1 and 2 sketchers.  Casey took full advantage of the flexibility of the new schedule format to do a number of lessons in a short period of time, like her charcoal drawing of a plaster ear, shown above. Join the fun!

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Above left are Level 1 sketchers Jennifer and Penny learning about lines, shapes and proportions. And you can see Chris’ large scale lizard drawn with accurate proportions. Above right shows Level 1 sketchers Darcey, Linda, and Sue learning about positive and negative space, proportions, and contour edges. Click on images to view larger.

Above left are Karla’s pencil and charcoal studies of a shell showing her progress in contours, proportions, and tonal values. Above right shows Casey “in the Zone” as she accurately sketches geometric blocks.

Level 3 youth sketcher, Hannah, above left, dropped in on our adult Expression Session for an evening of focused drawing. Above right, she’s shown with Casey and Jon.


Students learn the importance of doing a lot of study sketches to find the large, general shapes before going for smaller shapes, contours, and tones. Shown above left and right are Sue’s quick studies of proportions of a plaster cast.

And now…

Our gallery of student work from August and September. Scroll down to find your drawings. Click on images to view larger.

Darcey Level 1, Adult



Hannah Level 3, High School



Karla Level 2, Adult



Jon Level 2, Adult


Jennifer Level 1, Adult

Penny Level 1, Adult (Sorry Penny, I didn’t get your drawings for photos)


Casey Level 2, Adult


Chris Level 1, Adult (Sorry Chris, I didn’t get your drawings for photos)


Linda Level 1, Adult

Sue Level 2, Adult



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