Salinas Comm. School: Exploring Prismacolor Pencils, Positive/Negative Space, Charcoal, and Realism

The Salinas Sketchers moved forward with leaps and bounds in drawing with charcoal and Prismacolor pencils! Students learned to use smaller study sketches to find accurate proportions and positive/negative space before finishing their large-format charcoal drawings. Everyone also explored blending primary colors while using Prismacolor pencils. Shown above is a detail from David’s color rendition of an apple.


Evelyn: Great studies of the egret and color blends on the apples!!


Desiree: Wonderful drawings! Fantastic job of keeping accurate proportions of the aloe plant in your large scale charcoal drawing.


David: Really like how you adapted your drawing style to the color blending assignment! Great eye for proportions.


Dominico: Remarkable set of sketches, man! Nice job of taking your egret study to larger paper in charcoal.


H: From Van Gogh to blending colors on the apple, you’re dedication to exploring techniques is really showing in your work!


Dangelo: These are drawings are stellar, Dangelo!! You’ve worked hard on learning about tonal values and it shows in the aloe plant and robot sketch.


Marcos: Great start in studying 3D form! Hope you can join us for more sketches from real life.


Arturo: I know you had to transfer to another class, but you made fantastic progress, as shown in this set of drawings. Great use of tonal values in the aloe plant drawing!


Gina: Nice studies of positive and negative space!! :-)


Ricky: Your work has progressed wonderfully! Clean line work and application of lighter and darker gray tones. Hope you can finish the Humvee sometime.


Marcelo: Way cool use of red, yellow, and blue to create the apple! And your large-format charcoal skull is one of the best pieces I’ve seen you do. Keep it going, Marcelo!


Norman: Cool to have you join us! Really nice group of drawings! Excellent color blending and charcoal tonal values.



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