Natural Bridges Sketchers Explore Form and Color

Natural Bridges students are rolling into the second quarter of our Draw to Learn program with focused, outstanding work. In the photo, shown above, Briana works on a color pastel drawing after the artist Piablo Picasso.


In the above photos, students from last year continue with their interests in subject matter and media while new students learn about lines, shapes, patterns, form, proportions, positive/negative space, and tonal values.

Shown above, Natural Bridges sketcher Gianna continues her studies of plaster casts of faces and hands.

Students learn how to use charcoal to depict 3D form while looking at real life objects. Above left are Briana’s pencil studies of a pumpkin and larger finished charcoal drawing showing contours and shadows. To the right are realistic drawings of a pumpkin by Jade.

As students move from beginning level skills to exploring color and experimenting with various media, we’re beginning to see amazing results. Above left is Grace’s work-in-progress drawing of a peacock using soft pastels. Above right is Briana’s soft pastel drawing after a painting by Picasso.

NB Sketchers explore subject matter and drawing techniques. Above left is a character design sketch by Emilio. And to the right is a tightly rendered drawing by Jade showing accurate proportions and detailed line work.


We tried a fun assignment in abstract drawing and using lines as a language to express human traits and emotions such as anger, human energy, depression, and joy. The photo, above left, shows how Erik used the artist Kandinsky to launch into an abstract drawing. Above right is Frank’s abstract composition and his line studies of human traits.

And now… for the gallery of awesome drawings by all of our students…






















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