Lots of Drawing Going On Out at the Ranch

Rancho Cielo Youth Campus has been one of the most creative and productive group of students I’ve worked with throughout the year. Although the group has gotten smaller toward the end of school, the core sketchers continue to improve their skills and explore new drawing techniques. During last week’s session, Jacob sketched out a large-format charcoal study of a canine skull, shown above. His drawing shows a superb effort in capturing accurate proportions. And Jazmin pulled together her skills to complete her drawing of a Vincent Van Gogh sketch and a really cool dog as she learned about proportions, tones, textures, and composition. Students also learned to blend primary colors as they did a Prismacolor pencil drawing of an apple.

Arisdelsy: This girl has been a drawing machine all year long! Her positive, fearless attitude about drawing shows in the tremendous amount of work she’s done. Just put a challenge on her desk and she puts herself to the task. She’s done an extensive study of different kinds of faces, ranging from realistic skulls, to cartoons, to a portrait of her father.






















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  1. yoo rob thanks for the highlight of me.. cant wait to start your class again.. you should do up close pictures: just lil advice

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