Expression Session Winter Highlights

We had a wonderful mix of Level 1 and Level 3 adult sketchers complete this winter’s Expression Session. Students who started with basic lessons in learning to measure proportions worked along side more advanced sketchers who were pushing their observational skills to new heights. There were many very productive and fun learning sessions like the one shown above featuring Dan, Judith, and Deb.

Above left, Deb uses charcoal to study form, contours, and shadows of an acorn squash and pumpkin. And to the left Deb is shown measuring proportions of a plaster cast hand during another evening session.

Above left, Judith studies the proportions and tonal values of a skull. Above right, Jack maps out a large composition as he studies the shapes and textures of an antique iron.

Level 3 students Karla, above left, and Judith, above right, explore new territory as they study folds and drapery. Students started by blocking in large, basic shapes; then continued by finding contour edges for folds and lighter and darker values for shadows.

Judith, above left, and Karla, above right, also put together amazing drawings of flowers. They started by doing a number of gestural line studies to find natural contours of the flowers and stems. They began their final drawings by blocking in shapes and positioning of the flowers; then finishing with accurate, natural looking contours in charcoal.

Throughout our Expression Sessions a genuine sense of comraderie develops between sketchers. The highlight of the evening is the lively discussion following two hours of drawing. In the photo, above left, students (left to right) Ken, Judith, Deb, and Jack talk about the challenges of perspective and proportions. To the right, Judith (foreground)and Allison attack a vase a flowers with a strategy combining blocking-in and gestural drawing.

The Scribbles Institute offers free studio time to high school students Rob teaches in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. Above left and right are Melissa and Emilio from Louden Nelson Community school. Elizabeth, their teacher, brought them to one of our adult evening Expression Sessions.

And now for the work from our adult Expression Session for the Winter, 2012…








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