Drawing Lab

Basic Drawing Skills for Creativity & Productivity

Explore, Experiment, Express! The Scribbles Institute Drawing Lab lessons are perfect for teachers, students, parents, retirees, business owners, artists, designers, engineers, corporate executives—anyone with the desire to learn basic drawing skills for everyday life.

Learn to draw with confidence!
Learn drawing strategies and techniques with confidence!

Drawing Lab lessons give you hands-on learning in our creative Santa Cruz studio with Rob Court. Adult and youth sessions are always forming for all ability levels.

What You’ll Learn In Drawing Lab:

Level 1: Explore!
Level 2: Experiment!
Level 3: Express!
Adult Drawing Lab
Relax, listen to the music, eat some snacks, and enjoy learning to draw!

Whether you want to draw with charcoal on paper or with a stylus on an iPad, the Adult Drawing Lab is for you. Small class size ensures plenty of personal attention from your drawing coach. Refreshments are served.

What do you want to draw today?

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Private Drawing Lab Lessons

Youth Drawing Lab
A safe studio environment for collaboration and creativity

For young artists (13-17 years) who want to learn fundamental observational drawing skills. Small class size ensures that each sketcher gets personal attention with their particular lesson.

Learn useful drawing skills for school and work
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Private Drawing Lab Lessons

Draw With Your Kids
Parents & kids share the experience of learning observational drawing skills

The family that draws together, has fun together! Our Draw With Your Kids program (7-12 years old, and parent) teaches a meaningful approach to exploring and applying your child’s innate desire to draw. Parents and kids learn fundamental skills such as gripping the pencil, drawing with lines and shapes, observational drawing, and sketching 3D objects.

Learning to draw from life is… well… what does this smile tell you?
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