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After School Sketch Sessions Continue at Central Coast High School

The sketchers at Central Coast continue to explore different media including graphite, colored pencils, and charcoal. As we head into the final month of school, students are choosing subject matter such as concept, tattoo, and abstract art. This group is ALWAYS fun to spend time with in the after school program. The pictures show their dedication:


Central Coast High School: Form, Contours, Proportion, Charcoal

For the past several weeks, Central Coast High School sketchers have been focused on realism in their drawing. The dragonfly by Rene, shown above, is an excellent example of how students have worked through lessons on lines and shapes to using accurate proportions and natural looking contour edges in their drawings. Students also learned to make smaller study sketches of real-life objects before creating large-format charcoal drawings.






















Central Coast High School: Weeks 1-3: Lines, Shapes, Form, Proportions, Contour Lines

The Central Coast Sketchers have been very busy Monday afternoons! Working through lessons on proportions (sizes of shapes compared to other shapes) and contour lines they have produced some very cool drawings. To view everyone’s drawings, scroll down and click on ‘Read more’ at the bottom of this post.


The after school Draw to Learn program at Central Coast High has brought together a stellar group of students eager to learn useful drawing skills.

Drawings shown clockwise, starting upper left: Quincy’s charcoal study of a plaster cast hand helped him to learn about form and contours;  Pualani learned about measuring proportions and drawing realistic contour edges in her wonderfully drawn dragonfly. Christel pulled together an amazing large-format, foreshortened (looks like it’s coming toward you) dragonfly. And Rene is off to an amazing start in drawing accurate contour lines of his dragonfly.

Everyone started by learning to hold the pencil on its side, while moving the whole arm, to draw with lines and shapes. Violet’s jaguar (above left) is an excellent example of sketching light guidelines; then finishing with darker contour lines and patterns. The proportions of Carisa’s toucan (above right) are very well drawn. She finished by adding lighter and darker tones.