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Students Explore the Benefits of Sketchbooks

Drawing Lab students work in sketchbooks to augment studies we usually do on larger paper. Our Wednesday and Thursday evening crews enjoy learning quick gesture sketches as well as longer, detailed studies of objects around the studio. Shown in the above photos, Lenore happily busted out a fine Picassoesque gesture sketch of the rooster, while Fiona swiftly studied textures and details of the rusty, old lantern.

Our Thursday evening crew, deep in the sketchbook drawing zone

Regular practice in a sketchbook is an important aspect of improving observational drawing skills. The sketchbook is also a powerful tool for drawing from imagination, organizing ideas for projects, and journaling one’s deepest thoughts. Continue reading Students Explore the Benefits of Sketchbooks

In the Studio & In the Streets: Summer Highlights 2016

During the past several months, as always, our studio enjoyed opening the doors to a diverse mix of students from Santa Cruz as well as international visitors, all with diverse skill levels and interests in drawing. Our Drawing Lab sessions were festive yet focused on improving skills. Continue reading In the Studio & In the Streets: Summer Highlights 2016

Drawing Lab Students Get Sketchy

Drawing lessons take on a whole new meaning at the Scribbles Institute. We turn up the music, serve the snacks, and get serious about having fun learning to draw. Shown above, adult and youth students create abstract compositions while listening to different music genres. Please scroll down to view adult and youth Drawing Lab sessions, Draw With Your Kids sessions, classes in Santa Cruz and Monterey county schools, and our free meetups. Continue reading Drawing Lab Students Get Sketchy

School’s Out For Summer! Highlights 2013

WE MADE IT AT LAST! The final days of school are a wonderful time for taking pics and remembering the year’s highlights. The dedicated sketchers shown in the following photos worked with Rob for one or two full years. Whew! Lots of drawing sessions! Photo above is of the exceptionally creative sketching crew at Natural Bridges High School in Santa Cruz.

Special thanks to Sandy Mast, Santa Cruz Office of Education and Gary Vincent, Monterey Office of Education for bringing the Scribbles Institute Drawing Lab to eight Central Coast schools. And thanks to the teachers, staff, and wonderful students for the great moments over the five years I’ve been working with them.

Please scroll down to view highlights. Remember to click on images to view larger details. Enjoy! Continue reading School’s Out For Summer! Highlights 2013