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Born to Draw


An endearing little mouse named Celestine proves that it takes determination, and oftentimes courage, to keep drawing—even when being told by over-bearing adults that drawing is a complete waste of time.

In the Oscar-nominated animated film “Ernest and Celestine”, the young mouse forms a forbidden relationship with a bumbling bear, thus beginning a heartwarming journey from fear to true friendship. Although the story’s main theme is about the power of friendship, the sub-themes of being steadfast in your art and the importance of nurturing creativity—in particular, drawing!—resonate with me.
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Respecting Children’s Drawings


Children have tremendous respect for drawing. They are in awe of anyone who draws a picture for them–anytime, anyplace. For example, they’ll pay close attention when  cartoons are sketched on a place mat at a restaurant. Children are equally impressed with simple drawings as they are with renderings of an accomplished artist. But do children gain the same respect paid for drawings they make? Continue reading Respecting Children’s Drawings

Letting Your Eye Fall in Love


Paging through decades of drawings quickly unlocks specific memories. The way shadows were cast on a summer afternoon in rural Mexico, or the emotional roller coaster of love and loss in suburban California. Each drawing reveals the history of impassioned urgency to capture the essence of my subjects with quickness of line. Youthful notions of exacting realism give way to experimentation in style and techniques. When making and viewing sketchbooks, the joy is in the details. Continue reading Letting Your Eye Fall in Love

Return to Your Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Is drawing an essential part of the human spirit?

I think Werner Herzog’s 2010 documentary film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, answers the question by illuminating the spirit of an ancient drawing hand that may dwell in each of us. Although the emphasis of the film concerns paleontological aspects of cave rock art, I’d like to offer an opinion from the perspective of an avid sketcher. Continue reading Return to Your Cave of Forgotten Dreams

The Zen of Drawing In the Zone

Imagine yourself playing your favorite sport. Forgetting all limitations, you perform flawlessly and are unstoppable as you tally up point after point. You’re in a state of mind where time is suspended and movement flows without having to think of fundamental skills. This is called being in the Zone, and it’s the state of mind you want to strive for while drawing. Drawing from the Zone can be a peaceful meditation for sketching quick ideas or creating deeply inspired work. Continue reading The Zen of Drawing In the Zone

SI Currents: Drawing in Vietnam; Scribbles Institute and MAH; Save the Frogs!

SI Drawing Lessons in Vietnam


Rob Court, drawing coach, has a friend who recently moved to the city of Da Nang in Vietnam, to teach math. Rob’s friend, Harry King, suddenly found himself teaching an art class to 7th and 8th graders at the Singapore International School. The new responsibility prompted Harry to email us, asking for basic drawing lessons he can use for the class. Turns out to be great timing. Continue reading SI Currents: Drawing in Vietnam; Scribbles Institute and MAH; Save the Frogs!