Budding Concept Artists Enjoy Summer Drawing Classes

If your kids enjoy drawing cartoon characters they should be hanging with this creative crew. Our Level 3, middle/high school concept sketchers improved their skills and produced a lot of solid work. During each class this summer, after a lesson in realism (blocking in, proportions, tones), they dove into their concept art and character studies. They’re always eager to pull out their sketchbooks and share their latest creatures and stories in progress. Click on images to view larger.

Shown clockwise, starting upper left: The collection on the Wall, and in sketchbooks, continued to grow this summer; Helen and Ray practice 3-minute gestural studies of Killer Croc and the triceratops (even a Pacific Cookie break can’t stop them from sketching!); Megan prepares a sketch for importing to a digital tablet; Rena practices her inking skills while tightening a character design.

Shown clockwise, starting upper left: Model sheet by Ray shows different views while maintaining proportions and a likeness of his character; Model sheet and character situation studies by Helen; Character study by Helen; Rena ventures into color schemes for characters

Shown clockwise, starting upper left: Arrrrrrrgh! Starting the morning with a fun lesson on mixing Prismacolor pencils; Megan learned to blend yellow, red, and blue with pencils and then had fun experimenting with ink pens; All sorts of color fun for Rena; Hannah takes her apple study to the next level–a story of finding a worm in it.

Shown clockwise, starting upper left: Students always use a good portion of class to draw from real life 3D form, such as Helen’s study sketches of a triceratops model; Concept artists must learn to draw quickly and accurately, like Helen’s 3-minute gestural studies of a Killer Croc action figure; Sketching from wooden blocks is a challenge in perspective and proportions, as shown in Helen’s studies. Always interesting objects to draw from in the studio.

I enjoyed playing the role of art director during the summer, helping students take their work from observation and imagination to the next level. During class, student conversations ranged from favorite books, to the latest movies, music (they take turns being DJ on the iPod docking station), and digital gaming. As we continue sessions this fall, we’ll work on bringing these characters to life through rendering techniques (both traditional and digital) and laying out storyboards and creating portfolio pieces. Onward and upward for this amazing group of sketchers.










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