Adult SI Students Wrap Up a Summer of Spectacular Drawing

Moving into the Fall drawing season, we have a growing number of amazing adult students joining our Expression Session evenings. Many fun summer nights produced many solid Level 1 beginning studies as well as spectacular finished drawings. Take a scroll through the highlights shown below. (Click on images for larger details.)

Tuesday and Anna, the mother and daughter featured in the photo shown above, just completed our Level 1 observational lessons with remarkable results. The charcoal drawing, above left, is Tuesday’s observational work from a plaster cast eye. The hand and sphere graphite study, above right, shows Anna’s efforts in learning to block in shapes before finishing with contour lines. The proportions in both drawings are very well drawn. More of their studies are shown below in the student galleries.

Session Highlights: As Anna and Tuesday work in the background, Orsoyla, above left, experiences a big creative breakthrough while doing an energetic, abstract charcoal and pastel composition. Richard, above right, relaxes with a gratifying smile after an intense session of blocking in the shapes of a skull. We put on lots of Afro-Cuban jazz for his sessions.

Pamela, above left, studies the strategy of blocking in basic shapes of the plaster hand and sphere. Gina, above right, cranks out yet another intense charcoal study–this time she sets her sights on a bust of the Statue of David.

Above left, Hanna sketches the contours and form of a squash while Sandy starts her Level 1 lesson on measuring proportions. Above right is  Hanna’s well-drawn charcoal block-in of the hand and sphere.

Above left are Amber’s contour studies of the squash and to the right, Jerilyn looks for an accurate dominant angle of the shell.

Studio full, refreshments poured, music turned up, everyone settled into their own drawings for the evening–it doesn’t get any better than this.

Adult Expression Session Student Galleries (Sorry, I didn’t get pics of everyone’s drawings before they were taken home.):

Jerilyn    Sandy

Linda    Amber

Orsoyla     Gina

Hanna    Pamela




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