The Elements of Art and Alexandra Nechita

Originally posted 5/05:

A Young Artist Grows Up

Alexandra Nechita has been a famous artist since she was 8 years old. She has sold paintings to Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, and former president Bill Clinton. Her high school named its performing arts theater after her. People magazine included her among its 100 most interesting people. So, what’s next for Alexandra?

College, of course. Alexandra attends art school at UCLA and enjoys learning from professors and other artists. She is serious about expanding her knowledge in all school subjects, but her true love is art. At 20 years old, Alexandra continues to paint on large canvases. She explores new directions by making sculptures of bronze and glass.

At 13 years old, Alexandra Nechita was a confident young artist, using bold shapes and colors in her paintings. Her work is compared to famous modern artists.
Buckets of Detangler: "Unless you have really long hair like I do, you can't understand how hard it is to take care of. You have to use a lot of detangler. In my case, it feels like I use it by the buckets full."

Alexandra faces life’s challenges as an adult now – and loves it – but never forgets her wonderful childhood. She was born August 27, 1985 in Vaslui, Romania. She moved to the United States at an early age. Alexandra saw Pablo Picasso’s paintings in a museum, then started painting her own compositions. Her parents have encouraged her ever since. Alexandra’s first art exhibit took place when she was 8 years old. Her painting style was compared to Pablo Picasso and other modern masters. She became known internationally as a talented young artist.

Despite worldwide recognition as an art prodigy, Alexandra remembers her childhood art as being normal. “For me, it started out exactly the way it does for any 2, 3, 4-year-old, but what was different – what my parents did notice – was the amount of time I spent doing it.” As an adult, her artwork remains popular.

Orange Apple "Orange Apple represents our search for our own identities. An Orange Apple is not of existence, at least not as I know. As I grow older and more mature I recognize that we are all unique, that we are all different, but we are all the same in many ways. As in the painting, we all unite together in the same basket. Everyone should have passion for what they believe in and the beliefs become us." © 1999 Alexandra Nechita

Alexandra and the Elements of Art

While other kids spent their free time taking music lessons or skateboarding, Alexandra spent her time drawing and painting. She combines the elements of art in each of her paintings. The elements of art are: lines, shapes, patterns, texture, space, form, light, and color. Studying Alexandra’s paintings helps you learn about the elements of art.

Alexandra studies art history in college. She learns how the elements of art have been used by the great masters.
Take a look at Alexandra’s painting Orange Apple. Can you find the elements of art in the picture?

: Alexandra starts her painting by making outlines. Look at the flower in the lower left corner. It’s made with curved and angled lines. Can you find outlines of an apple? Do you see where straight and curved lines are used for hair?

Shapes: Do you see where Alexandra uses rectangles in the painting? Can you find triangles and egg-shapes? Try to draw some of the unusual shapes Alexandra uses in the picture.

Patterns :By repeating lines and shapes Alexandra creates patterns. Can you find a pattern of angled lines that makes a basket? Where does she repeat shapes?

: Notice how she painted the surface of the apple. It looks smooth. If you could touch the fruit in the basket, how would they feel? Describe the texture of the person’s hair and skin.

Light: When light shines on a person or objects you can see shadows. Do you see the shadows on the person’s body? From which side of the picture is the light shining?

: Alexandra makes wonderful use of bold colors. The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. When you mix primary colors it makes secondary colors. Secondary colors are green, orange, and purple. Can you find these colors in the painting?

Space: The picture is painted on a large canvas. The space of the canvas is divided with shapes and colors. Which color is the space around the basket? Which colors do you see in the space behind the person?

Try composing a drawing or painting of your own. Starting with lines, use the elements of art to create your composition.
Alexandra Nechita enjoys creating art and helping others. If her story inspires you to pick up a pencil or brush to start making art… go for it, right now! As Alexandra says, “Don’t be afraid to draw and paint your feelings. Love to share them with your family and friends just as I do. In the end, they will turn into masterpieces of your own.”

To see more of Alexandra’s paintings and a video about making a sculpture visit her website

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